Founded in 2018

BCAP Partners Limited ("BCAP") was established as a spin-off from Bravia Capital, a global private equity firm specializing in transportation and logistics businesses.

We are a global investment and advisory platform based in London and have partnered with affiliates across the US and Asia, which allow us to provide global reach and multi-sector expertise.

We work for our investors, clients, and partners

Leveraging the existing relationships of our founding partners, BCAP strives to originate strong risk-adjusted opportunities for our investors.

We align our incentives with investment performance, and work hand-in-hand with our operating partners to build businesses.

Creating value

We know that some of the best opportunities come from places where capital is scarce, and pride ourselves in our ability to identify, execute, and monetize value opportunities.

Our deep sector knowledge, network of industry operators, and track record in building market leading platforms allows us to develop a unique value creation plan for each of our businesses.


Team together 10+ years


USD 20 billion+ invested


building market leaders

Our Partners

Bravia Capital

Bravia Capital ("Bravia") is a global investment firm with a primary focus on transportation, logistics, infrastructure and financial service investments worldwide.  Bravia Capital has recently completed several key acquisitions (some together with one or more of its strategic partners): Bac Ky (2016), Rent Alpha (2016), Avolon (2016), Cronos Group (2015), Thotaka Tekhnologies India (2014), TIP Trailer Services Group (2013), Africa World Airlines in Ghana (2012), Seaco (2011), MyCargo Airlines (2011), MyTECHNIC (2010), and Hong Kong Aviation Capital (2010).  For more information please go to